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Giving Your Animals The Treatment They Deserve

Posted on January 16th, 2018 by Holly Wilton

If you are the owner of pets, any species, you’ll know how precious and important they are. Animals play a huge role in making sure you lead a life that isn’t stressful and are the best way to release all that negative energy. They also help you become more active when you play around with them, and all in all do more good than bad! Therefore, it is vital that you give your animals the treatment that they deserve, so that you in turn show them how much they mean to you!

Their treats

Animal treats usually tend to be a little expensive depending on the brand, but every once in a while you might have to just give in and get them the best treats just for being such good animals! You can even purchase them online for your convenience. If you are confused as to what type to get, then the best option for you would be to ask your local dog boarding from Sydney what they use, and go ahead and purchase that. It’s better to get the products in bulk so that you don’t have to keep revisiting the store for more.

Products you use on them

Every once in a while you may need to give them a little bit of a wash or a shower, just to make sure they are clean. You can either get this done professionally, along with a haircut and trim, or opt to do it on your own. If you do it on your own, you may need help and a little help. You need to make sure the products you use on your pet isn’t something that they will react badly to, and has been tried, tested and is meant for animals.

An occasional holiday

Every once in a while your dog might need a holiday too, so then you can always opt for laces with dog boarding kennels which will provide the best service for your dog and will take care of them with utmost care so that you will not have to worry about them while you are away.

Lots of walks

It is common knowledge that dogs love walks, so this is your chance to shine as a dog owner. Make sure they get all the walks they need, and don’t forget their favorite ball while you are at it!

These are a few ways in which you can give your pets the treatment that they deserve and the treatment that they need!

International Trips With Your Pet-Consider The Important Aspects

Posted on February 21st, 2017 by Holly Wilton

Travelling to the other countries is a great experience. Whether you are planning any trip to the other country or you have some business perspectives, in both cases it will prove to be a very memorable journey full of unforgettable experiences and will also help in getting rid of the stress of regular routine. In case of the family trips abroad or the relocation to the other country, various aspects are to be considered from the movement of the stuff to the documentation work along with booking of tickets and so on. And if you are having a pet which will travel with you internationally, then the work increases.

Mostly, travelling with the pets especially if you are moving to some another country, then it is quite challenging. This is because of several issues such as requirement of quartines, long periods of waiting and several other regulations which are important to consider. If you have to travel internationally with a pet, then planning is required on your part which has to be done much before the intended time of your travel. There are various companies who offer their services in the pet travel international which can be consulted to handle all the tasks related to the travelling of the pet from documentation to various other required tasks. Though you will have to spend some money for it but still much work and pressure will reduce on your part.

Tips for the pet travel international –

1) While travelling with the pet especially to some international location several documents are required just like the humans. If you are not aware of what all documents are required then you may do a bit of research over the internet or consult some dog door who avails the service of moving the pet internationally. If you hire the pet travel professionals then they will get all the work of documentation done by them and you need not worry at all.

2) Next thing which you must care for before travelling with the pet internationally is to consult the vet. It is done in order to be sure whether the pet is physically fit to travel for such a long destination. The medical certificates may be required at the time of the boarding in the flight. Thus it is better to get them beforehand.

3) Do not forget to check whether the airlines with which you are booking the tickets provide the service of pet carriers as there are several airlines which do not offer this service. So before booking the tickets for yourself and your pet you need to ensure this fact.

4) Before your international journey you need to insure that he food intake by the pet is less so that no health issue can arise while travelling.

Are You Feeding Your Dog A Treat Or Poison?

Posted on June 27th, 2016 by Holly Wilton

Giving Your Pet A Treat Is A Win Win Situation. Not Only Does It Reward The Pet, It Also Satisfying For You For Performing What Is Been Requested By Yourself. There Really Is No Particular Reason To Give Your Dogs A Treat. Usually treats are given during training sessions for encouragement or maybe because you need some time alone or simply because you love your dog. However what you intend on giving as treat needs to be thought of before you could toss it to your lovable furry companion. It’s worth getting to know the good and the bad effect of certain snacks upon dogs. With the proper information, next time you wish to treat your dog, you can toss over a more healthier option.

Quick facts about your loving companion

Did you know that a dogs intestines are six times more than the length of its whole body? That’s a lot of intestines to go for! According to professional pet doctor there are approximately 37 essential nutrients that needs to be included in a dog’s daily diet.

Further as per the advice of vet pet at Vets4Pets treats need to in account of not more than 10 percent of a dogs total calorie intake. Pet owners need to be cautious when handing out pet food and treats for their pets. The wrong kind of treats can not only decrease their health and fitness levels, it can be downright poisonous with fatal results. Here are some of the food comparisons that are healthy and food that are dangerous for dogs to be consumed.

Carrots (Treat)

There cannot be a healthier treat for your pet companion than a crunchy orange carrot. These are filled with fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B6, B12, C and K. These crunchy carrots are low calorie natural sweeteners which are great to satisfy your dogs need to chew. This vegetable has the ability to aid in blood clotting and provides needed energy boost to be active throughout the day.

Cooked bones (Poison)

Pet lovers might have witnessed the imploring look of a dog for the whiff of cooked bones. Simply ignore these tactful looks. No matter how tempting it may be to toss over these bones to your dog, it has to be avoided at all times. Cooked bones have a large tendency to split than raw bones which are much more sturdy and harder to crack. Split bones can be dangerous to your dog as the sharp ends can cause severe damage to their intestines.


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